I review Seal Online- Oh wait, never mind

23 11 2007

Yea, so today I was going to review a new MMORPG called Seal Online, but, I just found out that I am still in a “Noob” town. What I mean by that is there are no high level players, so I can’t really review the community. Instead I will briefly compare Rock Band to Guitar Hero 3.

A couple of days ago my friend tells me that he got Rock Band. So I go over and play it for a couple hours. I have to tell you, I have not had that much fun since yelling at kids over Halo 3 XBL. I would have to say this is one of the best party games out there. I got to test out all of the instruments, and the drums are the most fun. If you play the plastic drums (Unlike a plastic guitar) it actually teaches you a little rhythm. They felt solid and the only problem I had with them is when I was really going at it, they kept moving forword which can really ruin a song.

The mic was surprisingly good. It wasn’t really glitched, until my friends dad (A good singer for some old classic rock band) started to sing. This guy is an incredibly talented singer, but the mic couldn’t pick up his voice because he was too loud. So it’s kind of weird.

The guitar is where I had my complaints. They did something with the buttons where they have 5 more (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange) on the upper neck. That is a cool idea and all, but I never used it. It has this little thing where you can change the guitar sound I.E Give it wah, or echo. Again, a good idea but you couldn’t tell the difference. And on top of that, I kept accidentally hitting it while I was strumming. The buttons are really squishy and it is hard to slide as well. Those were all relatively small things, but the deal breaker was the strumming. You don’t hear a click, and it feels really loose when you strum. Luckily you can use the Guitar Hero controller.

All in all, this a very very fun multi player game. By your self however, it can get really boring. For a better solo experience, I would go with Guitar Hero. I am not going to talk about the online or song selection because this is a short review.

I hope all of you who are reading this get a little insight to each game and which is better suited for you.

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Happy Thanksgiving

22 11 2007

Well, today is Thanksgiving and my neighbors have already put up Christmas decorations. It’s sick. Even radio stations are playing Christmas carols! I swear, if someone comes to my door singing “We wish you a merry Christmas!” I will punch them in the face. I am tired of it. People completely forget about Thanksgiving because Christmas is the holiday after. Thanksgiving is like the little brother who never gets any attention on his birthday because his parents are already setting up his older brothers party. Oh well.

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I review The Silent Circus by Between the Buried and Me!

21 11 2007

Whoopee! Between the Buried and Me (or BTBAM as people like to call them) have released four albums, not including The Anatomy Of (Those were remakes of songs). I have only listened to the latest, including The Silent Circus. Personally, this is my favorite album of the other two I have listened to. That doesn’t mean the other two are bad, its just my taste. Now before we begin, I would like to say that I am kind of picky when it comes to certain songs, as you will see. Time to begin!

1. Coulrophobia – This is one of my favorite songs on the album. Its starts off with an ere beginning and then into a fast pace, heavy beat. It continues this until up about 1:13, in which the singer (Tommy Rogers) then goes into another heavy beat at about 1:54. At 3:47 all hell breaks loose and Tommy goes nuts. 5/5

2. Anablephobia – Also another good track. This song is basically a continuation off of the last one. Follows the same kind of pattern and they are both similar. Many times I would forget the Coulrophobia has ended and and new song has begun. My favorite part has to be the break down at 2:20, when the bass goes alone and it produces a real creepy beat. 3/5

3. Camilla Rhodes – Not my favorite, but I’ll review it anyway. Starts off with heavy drums and guitar, turning into catchy break downs by the drums and bass. This is what makes the song so appealing in times when the song can turn a little boring. Although the break down at 1:43 is awesome. 3/5

4. Mordecai – Ah Mordecai. Let’s just get this out of the way right now: This is BTBAM’s greatest song ever. And although I haven’t listened to their first album, I am pretty sure this is it. The first second of the song, you know you have hit something unique with the odd drum and guitar…thing. It goes off real heavy until with little break downs and plenty of oddness. This song has many twists and turns, and if you know BTBAM, you know this is good. At 2:08 it derives from the screaming and goes into a melodic, jazz version of the song. This is my favorite part I should add. And if you read the lyrics, it really enhances the music. At 3:56 until the end of the song is the solo. And what a beautiful solo it is. It incorporates everything from the song, and I have to give Paul Waggoner credit, where credit is due. 5/5

5. Reaction – Not really a song, just soft noise. And this is the type of “song” in an album that I really don’t like. This just leads off to Shevanel Take 2. 0/5

6. Shevanel Take 2 – Again, a song I personally don’t like, but I know some people will. This is a very soft song with no screaming and all acustic guitar. It does have a nice beat and it does show off Tommy’s vocals more. All I have to say is, stick to screaming Tommy 😛 3/5

7. Ad A Dglgmut – Great song, probably has one of the clearest meanings if you read to lyrics to. It actually starts off with Tommy yelling noise. It then goes off with some nice guitar playing and then into a break down at 1:16 which is quite nice. 1:53 is pretty awesome too, as it goes into Paul playing a little solo. It goes softer at about the 3:05 mark and continues on with a nice little solo complete with sweeps and all. This stops at 4:44 when Tommy starts to sing again. The melody here is also very nice. Then at 5:48, it turns back into the screaming monster BTBAM have made it to be. 5/5

8. Destructo Spin – I didn’t really enjoy this song, but some did. The first fifteen seconds of this song is some weird space thing. Not sure how to describe it. Oh yes, this is why I didn’t like it, it is very plain and it re-uses things in previous songs in the album. Not saying that the other songs don’t, it’s just more obvious. What are you gonna do. 3/5

9. Aesthetic – This song starts out with a cool little thing with the second guitar doing some chug-chug stuff and the guitar one with a little solo type thing. It actually sounds really cool. I always laugh at 1:05 because I have no idea what he is saying it just sounds like “Bluhh bluh bluh, bluh, bluh bluh bluh!” Pretty good sounding song, this bass player Blake Richardson really steps up here as you can hear the bass becoming progressivly better throughout the song. It has a nice break down at the end, the continues with Tommy’s “bluh”-ing. 4/5

10. The Need for Repetition – I really like the riff at the begening, as it reminds me of a Job For A Cowboy song. 2:14 may be my favorite break down by these guys. In the background it sounds like a helicopter is going while the guitar is doing a cool solo. It then further breaks down into some jazz-ish stuff. Overall, this a pretty nice song with some interesting stuff. 4/5

11. The Man Land (Hidden Track) – This song starts at 11:18 into The Need for Repetition. Quite possibly the manliest song ever. It talks about pickup trucks, tool boxes, and spitting in other peoples land! What’s not to love? In actuallity, this is a nice song accomponied by some funny lyrics and the worst screaming possible. 5/5

Conclusion: Like I stated in the first paragraph, this is my favorite ablum by them and for obvious reasons. Let’s see…their score was 40/55. Pretty good over all. I highly reccomend this album. Just remember, I aint no dag on little boy!!

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Ding, The Pit Is Ready.

21 11 2007

Too tired to really post, but I will say that I just got the Nokia N75 today,and I am really happy about that. I’ll give a review in a few days about the phone its self. And no, this is not a tech review blog I just happen to get it today and don’t have any good material for now. So there.

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